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In this episode, we discuss styles C, Cider.  Ciders tasted include:

Style Guidelines  (11:07)
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple  (25:38)
Angry Orchard Easy Apple  (37:56)
Austin Eastciders Pineapple Cider  (48:49)
Bishop Blood Orange  (56:21)
Angry Orchard Rosé  (1:05:37)

Alternative Grain Beer

In this episode, we discuss styles 31A, Alternative Grain Beer.  Beers tasted include:

Style Guidelines  (21:10)
Omission Gluten Free Lager  (30:14)
Redbridge  (40:42)
New Belgium Glütiny Pale Ale  (55:34)
Green’s Endeavour  (1:08:12)
Power’s First Homebrew  (1:17:57)

Strange Union

In this episode, Nick and Danny from Strange Union Beer are in the studio and they were kind enough to bring some of their beers!  Beers tasted include:

Owner Interview  (10:00)
Strange Union NE IPA  (28:22)
Strange Union Wheatwine  (41:18)
Strange Union Oak-Aged Wee Heavy  (56:41)
Strange Union Oatmilk Stout on Cocoa Nibs  (1:17:10)
Strange Union Collusion RIS  (1:37:15)

Oud Bruin

In this episode, we discuss styles 23C, Oud Bruin.  Beers tasted include:

Style Guidelines  (10:35)
Petrus Roodbruin  (25:25)
Brews in the News  (40:23)
Odell The Meddler Oud Bruin  (49:23)
Deschutes The Dissident  (1:03:30)
Vander Ghinste Oud Bruin  (1:23:23)

Extra Stout

In this episode, we discuss styles 15C and 16D, Extra Stout.  Beers tasted include:

Whiskey Talk  (2:48)
Brews in the News  (23:27)
Guidelines 15C  (40:09)
Guinness Extra Stout  (46:50)
Guidelines 16D  (58:36)
Guinness Foreign Extra Stout  (1:02:43)
Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout  (1:12:42)
Oasis Texas Foreign Extra Stout  (1:24:44)
HopFusion Fur Slipper  (1:40:26)
Ballast Point Indra Kunindra  (1:53:30)

Mead 3.0

In this episode, we revisit style “M” – Mead…again.  We are also joined in studio by our friend from the Cap and Hare Homebrewclub, Tony.  He brought us some special treats from a BJCP Grandmaster…

Meads tasted include:

Brews in the News  (17:08)
Tony Homebrew Honey Wheat  (25:57)
Homebrew Mead 1 Yaupon  (37:09)
Homebrew Mead 2 Orange Blossom  (49:00)
Homebrew Mead 3 Black Cherry  (1:04:16)
Queens Meade Winery Cellar Dry  (1:11:55)
Thorin’s Knightly Mead  (1:23:35)
Meridian Hive Rhapsody  (1:38:46)
Meridian Hive Broken Crown  (1:56:40)
Redstone Traditional Mountain Honey Wine  (2:12:22)

Brew Kits

In this episode, we take a couple of different homebrew kits and brew them to get a comparison.  We brew extract, partial mash, and all-grain.  We also drink a few commercial examples of the beers we decided to brew.  Beers tasted include:

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA  (38:12)
Samuel Smiths Nut Brown Ale  (1:26:42)
Wild Acre Snap’d  (1:36:40)

Winter Seasonal 2

In this episode, we discuss style 30C, Winter Seasonal.  Beers tasted include:

Brews in the News  (15:00)
Style Guidelines  (24:18)
Harpoon Winter Warmer  (37:37)
Victory Winter Cheers  (52:46)
Legal Draft Legal Holiday  (1:07:47)
Saint Arnold Christmas Ale  (1:25:08)
Four Corners Celebracion  (1:36:10)

Winter Warmer

In this episode, we discuss style 17A, Winter Warmer.  Beers tasted include:

Style Guidelines  (18:00)
Brews in the News  (28:20)
Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome Ale  (50:34)
Odell Isolation Ale  (1:01:00)
Anchor Our Special Ale 2017  (1:15:22)
Southern Star Winter Warmer  (1:34:40)
Rahr & Sons Winter Warmer  (1:49:27)
Rahr & Sons Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer  (2:08:06)

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