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HopFusion Aleworks

In this episode, we feature another local craft brewery, HopFusion Aleworks.  We have a quick chat with Co-Founder Macy Moore, plus a surprise special guest!

Interview with co-founder Macy Moore  (13:25)
HopFusion Feisty Blonde  (30:00)
HopFusion Feisty Redhead  (35:28)
HopFusion Hairpin  (41:17)
HopFusion Ichabod Canuck  (46:24)
HopFusion Even Trade – Mosaic  (54:30)
HopFusion Steampipe  (1:01:03)
HopFusion Fur Slipper  (1:09:48)
HopFusion Amped Fusion  (1:18:08)


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