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Mead 3.0

In this episode, we revisit style “M” – Mead…again.  We are also joined in studio by our friend from the Cap and Hare Homebrewclub, Tony.  He brought us some special treats from a BJCP Grandmaster…

Meads tasted include:

Brews in the News  (17:08)
Tony Homebrew Honey Wheat  (25:57)
Homebrew Mead 1 Yaupon  (37:09)
Homebrew Mead 2 Orange Blossom  (49:00)
Homebrew Mead 3 Black Cherry  (1:04:16)
Queens Meade Winery Cellar Dry  (1:11:55)
Thorin’s Knightly Mead  (1:23:35)
Meridian Hive Rhapsody  (1:38:46)
Meridian Hive Broken Crown  (1:56:40)
Redstone Traditional Mountain Honey Wine  (2:12:22)


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