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Powers’ Power Hour

In this episode, we play another round of Power Hour, but this time with our buddy Powers.  Beers tasted include:

Wild Acre Sip-n-Go
Martin House Possum Kingdom Pilsner
Ranger Creek San Antonio Lager
Oak Highlands Allgood Kölsch
Deep Ellum Neato Bandito

Power Hour 2.0

In this episode, we once again visit Power Hour. This time, we drink the Beers of Our Fathers. Grab a sixer and join in on the fun!

Keystone Light
Old Milwaukee
Busch Beer
Olde English 800

Power Hour

In this Episode, we attempt to play “Power Hour”. If you aren’t familiar with the game, we will be taking a shot of beer every minute for one hour. If you’re interested in playing along, grab a shot glass and a six-pack. This episode is completely unedited….enjoy!

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