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Basics of Beer – Yeast

In this episode, we continue our “basics of beer” series.  Next up, Yeast!  Beers tasted include:

Yeast History  (10:00)
Spaten Oktoberfest Ur-Märzen/Lager Yeast  (21:00)
Coors Light/Lager Yeast  (44:00)
Yeast Trivia  (51:00)
Rahr & Sons Mr. Wiggles/Ale Yeast  (1:02:47)
Westmalle Tripel/Trappist Ale Yeast  (1:17:50)
Weihenstephaner Kristallweissbier/German Weiss Yeast  (1:38:00)
Destihl Wild Sour Series: Blueberry Gose  (1:57:00)
Martin House The Salty Lady/Saison Yeast Blend  (2:02:15)
Martin House True Love/Souring Bacteria  (2:11:47)

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