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Jeremy’s Goodbye

In this episode we say goodbye to our friend, and fellow podcast host, Jeremy.  He will be missed.  In his honor, we feature beers from Japan.  Beers tasted include:

Kirin Light  (21:10)
Asahi Super Dry  (34:00)
Sapporo Premium Beer  (45:00)
Hitachino Nest Real Ginger Ale  (55:45)

Iron Mash 2018

In this episode we participate in the annual Iron Mash Homebrew Competition.  We talk a little about the competition and how it’s different this year and interview a few of the participants. As this is an anonymous competition, please do not listen if you are judging!  We would like to preserve the anonymity the best […]

Beers from Hawaii

In this episode we feature beers from the state of Hawaii.  Beers tasted include:

(bonus beer) Sierra Nevada / Weihenstephaner Oktoberfest (2018)  (21:00)
Kona Longboard Island Lager  (29:30)
Kona Wailua Wheat  (41:08)
Maui Brewing Coconut Hiwa Porter  (58:43)
“Which is Older?” Game  (1:09:50)
(bonus beer) Sierra Nevada Beer for Drinking (BFD)  (1:21:16)

Beers from New York

In this episode we feature beers from the state of New York.  Beers tasted include:

Sixpoint The Crisp Pilsner  (20:45)
Sixpoint Binary  (31:53)
He’Brew Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A.  (45:13)
Ommegang Game of Thrones Royal Reserve #1 – Hand of the Queen  (1:05:13)
Brooklyn Improved Old Fashioned  (1:29:00)

Beers from Oregon

In this episode we feature beers from the state of Oregon.  Beers tasted include:

Rogue Farms Honey Kölsch  (20:07)
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA  (34:16)
Gigantic IPA  (46:50)
Cascade Apricot Ale  (58:00)
Rogue Marionberry Sour  (1:15:18)

American Light Lager 2.0

In this episode, we revisit style 1A, American Light Lager. If you are familiar with the episode 1.0, we played a little game.  Well, 3 years later, we decided to try again.  Beers tasted include:

Introduction  (13:45)
Beer #1  (22:41)
Beer #2  (30:55)
Beer #3  (40:42)
Beer #4  (50:20)
Beer #5  (54:50)
Beer #6  (1:01:10)
The Big Reveal  (1:04:45)

Beers from Colorado

In this episode we feature beers from the state of Colorado.  Beers tasted include:

Oskar Blues Mamas Little Yella Pils  (24:52)
SKA Rue B. Soho Grapefruit Lager  (37:38)
Epic RiNo Juicy APA  (57:15)
Avery The Real Peel IPA  (1:14:00)
Avery Raspberry Sour  (1:28:45)

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