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This podcast exists to discuss the different styles of beer, whether related to the BJCP style guidelines or not.  Topics discussed may include history/origin, tastings, commercial examples of the style, homebrew recipes, and techniques for each style.

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  1. Since it seems that no one else wants to recommend a style for you to review, allow me to offer a suggestion. I may have missed it if you have done this already, since I have only been listening to the podcast for the last few months, but I would love to hear your “insights” on the beers that many of us started drinking at “21”. Why not review the American Adjunct Economical Tasteless Lager, style OU812A. Bud, Miller, Coors,Yuengling, Busch, Milwaukee’s Best to name a few. Of course, it may be better suited for your next Power Hour.
    One note of observation, well actually more of a question, is Sawyer perpetually drunk? Great podcast that I have enjoyed listening to even though many of the beers you review have not made it here to south MS yet.

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